If you have been paying attention to any of the media this year, then there is a very good chance that you know 2015 was a very important year for Back To The Future. This film, made several decades ago, focused on time traveling to 2015.

Taking creative license with what they thought the future would look like, the creative team painted a very interesting portrait of the future. One of the most notable and memorable icons that they created was that of The Hover Board.

Within the film, this personal hover board was prevalent and owned by almost everyone within the film’s version of the future that was 2015. With the year coming to a close, we know that unfortunately the hover board is not as readily available as we would hope.

Some companies have attempted to create this piece of technology but face a lot of technical problems and logistics challenges. Lexus created one that could only be used on a specific track which defeated the purpose for instance.

Arca Space Corp just unveiled their work towards the creation of a personal hover board. Coming in at just under $20,000, their hover boards are powered by 36 electric fans that generate 450 pounds of thrust. While not exactly the best hover board, they come with a stabilization mode as well as a weight driven momentum mode for steering.

While still in prototype, this piece of technology looks to be very interesting in its far reaches of possibility. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but technology will create the future!