Green energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. These three things are key in moving our world towards a sustainable energy state that will preserve the environment for generations to come. Obviously, we know that all of these help business owners and home owners save money, but it turns out that energy efficiency is even more instrumental in preventing global warming than previously thought.

Earlier this week, a new report titled “How Energy Efficiency Cuts Costs for a 2-Degree Future” was released from a group led by Fraunhaufer ISI. This report, funded by ClimateWorks, was a detailed study of the world’s fastest-growing economies and how energy efficiency is critical to preventing the damaging 2 degree temperature increase worldwide.

In addition to aiding in the decarbonizing and sustaining of our environment, the study also detailed the amazing savings that countries could achieve by leveraging energy efficiency. Last week, we touched on how Arizona Could Save Billions of Gallons of Water With Solar and this is yet another example of how energy efficiency has amazing peripheral benefits.

The study compared a speculated change in approach to energy versus the standard approach and discovered that those countries could achieve a savings of almost $3 trillion and achieve a net-zero cost to society by 2030. All of this could happen while still achieving de-carbonization and minimizing climate change that is necessary for preservation.

The efficiency route is able to achieve such incredible savings in that, in addition to direct savings on energy expenses, the utilization of energy efficiency achieves the same two-degree temperature-rise target while requiring much less investment in new energy supply than the energy-intensive methodology.

So start saving on your energy bill and the environment with energy efficiency!