If you are over the age of 25, then it is highly likely that you remember the dark ages of 56k modems. The internet is perhaps one of the greatest human inventions, instantly connecting any home to the combined bastion of human knowledge, and it is constantly improving and getting faster.

Thankfully, because the sounds the 56k connection made were enough to drive you insane.

In recent years, companies have been examining different methods of delivering the internet. This includes providing internet in disaster areas via solar drone to fast and slow lane content delivery domestically.

Google itself has been a large factor in the evolution of the internet. When they unveiled and implemented Google Fiber several years ago in a handful of cities, internet lovers everywhere drooled over the prospect of gigabit speed internet. However at the time, only a very few cities and very specific areas within were benefiting from the service.

Other internet providers have begun rolling out new, faster internet options, generally in newer cities. A short time ago, Los Angeles put out a bid for gigabit internet access and offered $1 billion in incentives in an effort to draw these businesses to California. Tuesday, Google announced that they would be bringing Google Fiber to Los Angeles. What’s even more interesting is that Google has announced that they would work independently of this city offering.

Currently, there is no timeline as to when the project will be completed, what neighborhoods it will service or if the installation will be phased. What is known is that you might have Google Fiber in your home in Los Angeles much sooner than everyone had initially thought.

It is fantastic to see that Global Efficient Energy isn’t the only company investing in California’s future!