Last week a Brazilian judge handed down a ruling that affected almost half of his country’s population. Approximately 200 million people were affected by his ruling which involved the legality of technology.

The judge shut down an app.

The app, WhatsApp, is a messaging service that is extensively used abroad to communicate. It is very popular in many countries outside of the U.S. In that it is cheaper and easier than other options that are currently available.

The problem that arises with technology is it’s constantly shifting landscape and nature. It continues to change at a breakneck pace that often lawmakers cannot keep up with. In this case, the app is over a year old and is only now being examined.

Law and policy makers are notoriously show in their ability to examine and create new laws and policies. The solar industry is constantly fighting antiquated power grid laws and that prevent some home owners from installing solar. Perhaps this case will serve as an indicator for lawmakers to streamline new technology laws so that everyone may benefit from new innovative ideas, instead of having them taken away after months of use.

Do you think policy makers can change their ways to evolve at the rate of technology?