You get it, you are an intellectual human on the Internet, and you know that solar is absolutely the way of the future. It is not just an idea of science fiction anymore, but a real viable technology that is rapidly becoming commonplace in homes all over the world. You might however, still be on the fence about converting your home to solar so here are three top reasons to go solar today!

1. It pays for itself. Think of your last month’s electric bill. Think of how much you paid on heating or air conditioning and the power that was used to run those pieces of electronics that might be reading this right now. Now imagine that you had to pay significantly less or that you didn’t have to pay your energy bill at all! This is the reality of solar. When your home has solar, you generate your own power and therefore do not have to rely on the municipal power facilities in order to generate the power that you need. Over time you will rapidly pay off your solar panels each month in savings.

2. It improves your home’s value. Solar panels are an indication to any home buyer that the previous owner was up to date. They demonstrate that the home’s roofing and insulation is up to code and will not have issues in the near future. Additionally, the savings as mentioned in the previous reason will be passed on to the new owner further enhancing the value. All of this means that your home’s value will increase, thereby making you more money if you were to sell it.

3. It is good for the environment. This might seem like a hippy reason, but it is true. The amount of pollution produced in the pursuit of home energy is extremely high. Not only do these pollutants cause significant damage to the environment, but they also have significant damages to us living here. Cancer and many respiratory diseases are just a few of the prevalent issues caused by pollution that we know of so far. By reducing or negating your  CO2 emissions, you are helping not only the environment but your health and the health of your children.

There you have it! Three reasons to go solar today!