When you think of Australia you often think of size. From the country itself being massive, to Uluru and even the massive spiders…the utterly terrifying spiders, everything in Australia is big.

In keeping with this trend, the country just completed their two largest solar PV plants which effectively doubled the amount of solar energy that the country can generate. The 102 MW Nyngan and the 53 MW Broken Hill solar projects are the two largest solar projects in the entire country and both reached completion this week.

Combined, these two new solar planets contain 2,044,140 solar panels which will take full advantage of the intense Australian sunshine. This demonstrates the rapidly going trend of making full use of desert areas for solar generation, similar to the plants in Morocco.

“In the future, this historic achievement will mark the moment big solar started to become a major contributor to Australia’s energy supply,” said Ian Kay, who is the acting CEO of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

This completion comes on the heels of the released list of 22 projects invited to progress to the next stage of its $100 million large-scale solar PV competitive round in Australia.  A success on this scale will only serve to make every solar project in the future easier and more cost efficient.

It won’t be long before deserts all over begin to become home to solar plants. Soon, the desert between Los Angeles and San Diego may be put to better use!