If you have ever worked in an office or in some situation where you are regularly interacting with the same people on a day in day out basis, then you know that an inter-office dynamic exists that is unique to that social group. Within the confines of that social group, there is often the tendency to create a change in the mundane by making wagers.

These wagers can be from changes within the office to all buying into a bet together like so many offices did with the most recent Powerball jackpot.  As it turns out, scientists and climate change experts are not unlike the rest of us.

However in this case, several climate scientists have taken climate change contrarians up on some of their bets. These bets often pertain to the legitimacy of climate change and the far reaching impacts of global warming.

Unsurprisingly, the scientists that have bet on the hard, mainstream science of climate change have begun to win these bets against naysayers. One such bet that paid off was that of Chris Hope who won a 2,000 pound wager that was made in 2011 against two members of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. The bet from the contrarians was that the Earth would be cooling by now, a fact that we know is not true as 2015 was one of the hottest years on record.

It is a somewhat double edged sword in celebrating the victory of science over ignorance. On the one hand, it is good to celebrate science and its ability to accurately predict the impact of climate change. On the other hand, it continues to show the consistent need for energy reform for a renewable future.

Our bet is on solar!