Every year Forbes releases a series of lists of X under X. It serves as a great way to highlight entrepreneurs and thought leaders under a specific age with a built in clickbait title that is news and buzz-worthy.

As it’s a growing trend with online publications when thousands of readers flocked to Forbes for the 2016 30 under 30 list, they were instructed to turn off Adblockers if they had them enabled. The reasoning behind this is that such online publications generate revenue off of ads that are shown to readers. If Adblockers are used, then the publication fails to generate income.

Taking a strong stance on Adblockers is becoming more common and in the case of this 2016 list, readers were unable to read the article unless they turned off their Adblocker. Ironically, the moment they did, they were immediately hit with pop up malware.

Forbes was quick to rectify the hack but not before many users were already affected. This malware can do anything from install ransomware as well as steal credit card numbers and passwords.

In the digital age, security against hackers and malware is an ongoing struggle, especially when it comes to protecting yourself. Here at Global Efficient Energy, we assure you that our website team works around the clock to ensure that any visitors to our website are safe and secure from malware!

Do you think the same hackers will attempt to hack the list of 35 under 35?