The ethics and fear of artificial intelligence are frequently making headlines everywhere. However, in recent months, there has been a resurgence in the power of human computation, as well that lies in the power of large crowds.

There have been many experiments performed as to the power of human computation. Perhaps most well known is the jellybean experiment. In this experiment, a large number of people were asked how many jellybeans were in a jar. Their guesses were then averaged and a computer additionally ventured a guess.

Interestingly enough, the average of the human guesses was within one percentile error of the correct number while the computer was off by upwards of ten percent.

The idea of human powered technology is quickly taking off; one of the neatest thus far has been a weather app that asks users to say what the weather feels like to them in degrees. The resulting number is then averaged and accessible to users for their specific area. This app has proven to be more accurate on a residential and neighborhood level that any other weather application.

Technology is rapidly becoming a part of our day-to-day life whether it is integration of solar technology with our homes and electronic or finding our Uber driver. Perhaps the singularity that is often talked about may be when we all lend our minds to a specific subject and achieve data processing that no machine could fathom.