Renewable energy usage is one of the most vital parts of the global climate change prevention initiatives. Following the Paris conference, nations across the world are becoming more aggressive in their drive towards renewables such as solar energy.

What has been interesting thus far is the more populous countries seem to be pursuing it far more quickly than others. Although, not all of solar usage is as efficient as it should be as the best solar provider in Texas pointed out in their recent article about solar in China.

India, however, appears to be well on track of their goal to add more than 100 gigawatts of solar power by the year 2022 according to the energy minister. This is part of their 15-step plan for a solar future based on subsidies from the government. 

In a recent interview, it was disclosed that capital costs have fallen 60% in the past 4 years and may drop another 40% which would overtake coal by consistently by 2020. In a recent all time low in energy costs solar indeed dipped below the cost of coal.

While some investors in the India market are somewhat concerned about investing in solar with the impending collapse of Sun Edison, others continue to invest full force. The solar industry is no longer a fledging industry constantly facing collapse.

Solar is strong!