In February, there was a great article on Austin butting heads with Uber and Lyft and how Austin wanted to enforce finger printing on these driver employees. This was an interesting debate that was to be decided by the voters of Austin.

Following the announcement of the pending vote, these ride sharing services underwent a massive campaign pushing proposition 1. In the end, they spent over $8.2 million dollars in an attempt to avoid this regulation.

Unfortunately, all of that money was not enough to sway voters in the amount needed. Breaking down to just over $200 per vote, they received only 44% of the vote.

This means that the regulations will pass and Uber and Lyft would be required to fingerprint their drivers for employment as well as perform a criminal background check. Both companies have said that they will stop operating in Austin.

It would be interesting to see the demographics that voted as these services tend to skew lower than the major of the average person that votes.

Will you be missing your ride sharing service or are you glad to see it go?