Roofers work on new installations of roofs and solar panels, as well as renovations and repairs on existing projects. From the title of the position alone, you can surmise that roofers generally are atop your roof in order to complete their job. Part contractor, part balancing expert, part solar expert, a good roofer is someone who should be highly respected.

Our roofers work on the installation, repair and renovation of new and existing roofs in Texas. If needed, our roofers can complete an overhaul of your roof to replace old materials with new, solid, and eco-friendly structures. At Global Efficient Energy, our roofers deal with many different materials including metal, rubber, polymer, asbestos and tile. All these have widespread applications in both domestic and industrial sectors. We also specialize in energy efficient options.

With most commercial buildings in Texas, rubber roofs are preferred by most builders. Rubber roof installation is a rather complex ordeal and cannot be properly managed without the assistance of experienced roofers such as those who work at Global Efficient Energy. The necessity for skilled roofers in this situation is that it requires a uniform mop of warm melted tar, a logistical challenge in and of itself.

For roofing jobs that involve shingle, tile and metal roofing, roofers usually have to get rid of the materials that are currently on the rooftop before laying down a layer of fresh tar paper. Following this, they install the new materials via staples or nails. It is amazing how quickly improperly placed roofing materials can go bad in the Texas sun.

So remember to always choose a quality roofing contractor for your project!