3 Best Roofing Materials for Texas Homes

Roofs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. From region to region and style to style, there are various roofing materials that work best. All of this is due to weather and climate […]

3 Tips on Choosing a Roofing Contractor in Texas

When it comes to deciding on a roofing contractor for a residential or commercial solar roofing job, there are a lot of questions that you may have. At Global Efficient Energy, we wanted to make […]

Roofing Contractors vs. Solar Roofing Contractors

One of the frequent questions that is asked in the contractor world is what is the difference between a roofing contractor and a solar roofing contractor? At Global Efficient Energy, we are a solar roofing […]

What does a Roofer do?

Roofers work on new installations of roofs and solar panels, as well as renovations and repairs on existing projects. From the title of the position alone, you can surmise that roofers generally are atop your […]

4 Factors to Consider in Your Roofing Contractor

1. Insurance

One of the most important factors to consider is if your roofing contractor has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Make sure to ask to see the certificates and even follow up to make […]

Renewables Are The Fastest Growing Energy Source

According to a new federal report entitled International Energy Outlook 2016, renewables are the fastest growing energy source worldwide. This report was published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
Within the report, they detail that there […]

Lyft and Uber Will No Longer Operate In Austin

In February, there was a great article on Austin butting heads with Uber and Lyft and how Austin wanted to enforce finger printing on these driver employees. This was an interesting debate that was to […]

Smartphone Sales Begin To Flat line

Smartphones have revolutionized the manner in which we live our lives. From business to pleasure, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and shape the way that we go about everyday tasks.
This revolution […]

Solar Energy Is Now Cheaper Than Coal In India

Renewable energy usage is one of the most vital parts of the global climate change prevention initiatives. Following the Paris conference, nations across the world are becoming more aggressive in their drive towards renewables such […]

Do Solar Panels Wear Out?

A very common question asked by home owners interested in going solar panel is do solar panels wear out? The best answer is: eventually.
Solar panels are made to withstand the most direct sunlight, day in […]

Solar Panels In Dallas

Dallas, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the country for solar panels. Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in both residential and commercial solar.
It comes as a surprise […]

Home Insulation In Texas

Home insulation is a vital investment for any home owner. Often, Texas home owners neglect having their home properly insulated as insulation is often thought of as a cold weather only solution.
This is in fact […]

France’s Solar Road

Last August, we wrote about roads that could have the ability to charge electric vehicles while they drove. Now, France is taking it to the next level with a new undertaking of solar powering homes using […]

NASA’s Opportunity Exceeding Expectations

We all have that one thing that has far exceeded our expectations of implied lifespan. Whether it is that one T-shirt that you have had for 25 years, or that CD despite thousands of scratches, […]

Climate Bets Begin To Cash In

If you have ever worked in an office or in some situation where you are regularly interacting with the same people on a day in day out basis, then you know that an inter-office dynamic […]

Australia Doubles Their Large Scale Solar

When you think of Australia you often think of size. From the country itself being massive, to Uluru and even the massive spiders…the utterly terrifying spiders, everything in Australia is big.
In keeping with this […]

German Auto-Makers Looking Into Other Alternative Energy Sources

Technology’s strength lies within its ability to constantly evolve, change, adapt and innovate. Much like Thomas Hobbe’s Leviathan, technology can swap pieces and parts in order to meet changes and incorporate new developments.
The automobile industry […]

Solar Potential on Public and Municipal Buildings

Solar is becoming so much more than a hobby for the wealthy. As the technology improves, it not only becomes more inexpensive, but also necessary for the preservation of our environment and way of life.
Governments […]

Forbes Infected by Popup Malware

Every year Forbes releases a series of lists of X under X. It serves as a great way to highlight entrepreneurs and thought leaders under a specific age with a built in clickbait title that […]

The Power of Human Computing

The ethics and fear of artificial intelligence are frequently making headlines everywhere. However, in recent months, there has been a resurgence in the power of human computation, as well that lies in the power of […]

California Drought Devastating Forests

With another year freshly underway, California continues to look at a devastating drought. In a recent aerial study, the effects of the California drought has been brought to light specifically concerning the forests of California.
The […]

The Arca Space Corp Hover Board

If you have been paying attention to any of the media this year, then there is a very good chance that you know 2015 was a very important year for Back To The Future. This […]

The Need For Laws To Adapt at The Rate Of Technology

Last week a Brazilian judge handed down a ruling that affected almost half of his country’s population. Approximately 200 million people were affected by his ruling which involved the legality of technology.
The judge shut down […]

Paris Deal a Huge Hit to Oil

The results from the Paris conference were unexpected and extremely promising for renewables for the future. This aggressive move by world leaders will serve for the betterment of future generators.
What will suffer, however, is the […]

Three top reasons to go Solar!

You get it, you are an intellectual human on the Internet, and you know that solar is absolutely the way of the future. It is not just an idea of science fiction anymore, but a […]

PlayStation Virtual Reality Helping NASA Space Robotics Program

Virtual reality is rapidly changing the landscape of the technical world. It has filmmakers looking to the future possibilities of interactive film, American Football teams training their new quarterbacks with it, and now NASA is […]

Shall to Should in the Paris Climate Deal

This last weekend concluded the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. This historic meeting of world leaders made significant moves towards shaping the climate and green energy stances of the world’s wealthiest countries.
What […]

Google Fiber Might Be Coming To LA

If you are over the age of 25, then it is highly likely that you remember the dark ages of 56k modems. The internet is perhaps one of the greatest human inventions, instantly connecting any […]

Completely Recyclable Biopolymer May Be On The Horizon

While Baltimore is using a Solar Powered Garbage Wheel to remove 97,000 plastic bottles from the Baltimore harbor, other scientists are looking at ways to preemptively remove plastic bottles from our waterways entirely. It turns out […]

Printable Solar Could Bring Power to Over a Billion People

Several months ago we wrote about Powering a Light With Saltwater as an example of the humanitarian capabilities of innovative, renewable energy. Now there is a new possibility of 3D printing solar to provide power […]

Energy Efficiency is Vital In Limiting Global Warming

Green energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. These three things are key in moving our world towards a sustainable energy state that will preserve the environment for generations to come. Obviously, we know that all […]

Arizona Could Save Billions of Gallons of Water With Solar

It is always interesting to look at the peripheral benefits of going solar. We all know that going solar not only significantly reduces your energy bill, increases your home’s value, and decreases your solar footprint, […]

The UK to Phase out Coal in a Decade

It was announced last week by Energy Secretary Amber Rudd that the UK would have restricted use of coal generated power by 2023 with it being completely phased out by 2025. In an interview following […]

Apple Will Solar Power Singapore

At the start of next year, Apple will officially be providing 100% of its factory’s power via solar and other renewables in Singapore. This will be achieved via a combination of both rooftop solar, as […]

Updating an Oldie With Technology

Innovation and advancements in technology are some of our favorite things here at Global Efficient Energy. It has been advancement in technology that brought us from the sun powered sun dial to the solar powered […]

5 Tips To Help Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Winter is coming. All easy Game of Thrones jokes aside, depending on where you live, winter is a massive drain on anyone’s household. With shifting temperatures, homes must be warmed, and then kept at a […]

A new electric car startup aims to take on Tesla Motors

Here at Global Efficient Energy, we love to talk about electric vehicles. Whether it is the Global Electrification Strategy at Volvo or California Electric Vehicles Exceeding Charging Stations, we love the innovative, environmental, and economic […]

Global Electrification Strategy at Volvo

With each passing day, more companies are committing to green energy and green energy solutions. Volvo is now one of the most recent to join these ranks.

This week, Volvo announced their strategy for going green […]

Morocco Aims To Be a Solar Superpower

Morocco is known for many things. Appearances on Bizarre Foods, as the set location for Lawrence of Arabia, and a set of Game of Thrones, to name a few.

Soon, Morocco will be known for […]

Texas Continues To Grow Solar!

California might have the most solar panels installed over other states but Texas continues to grow extremely quick in the amount of its installed solar. In fact, Austin, Texas continues this trend most recently with […]

Giving Solar Batteries a Run For Their Money

Energy storage has been the big buzzword in the solar energy and green energy solutions business for the last year or so. We’ve discussed the matter before in Energy and Batteries and several other blog […]

Bakersfield Wants Congress to Extend Solar Tax Credit

Solar tax credits are set to expire nationwide at the end of 2016. The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) at that time will be reduced from 30% to 10% for residents that qualify and wish […]

To Mars By Way Of The Moon

Mars is what all the cool kids are talking about these days. Whether it is the recent discovery of running water on the red planet, people signing up for a one-way ticket to it, or […]

A Carbon Neutral Home You Can Email

Students have always been phenomenal at innovation. Whether it is MIT students developing self-driving golf carts or Cal State Pomona students solar powering concerts, the future of technology and energy efficiency looks bright with young […]

California Electric Vehicles Exceed Charging Stations

If you have ever done laundry in a public laundry facility then there is a good chance you know the blinding rage you feel when you return to find your clean laundry has been stacked […]

Solar Begins To Close The Gap on Gas and Coal

Solar is smart, we know this, and the world is increasingly becoming aware of this. Not only does adding solar panels to your home improve its value, but through generating your own power, you are […]

Win 20 Million Dollars By Converting C02

Carbon dioxide, at certain levels, is part of the necessary balance of the Earth’s environment. Over recent decades, the constant burning of fossil fuels has led to an increasing imbalance of pollutants in the air. […]

Global Efficient Energy Welcomes Emmitt Summers

It is with great pride that we at Global Efficient Energy welcome our new Executive Vice President, Sales: Emmitt Summers!

Mr. Summers comes to GEE with an impressive resume in the solar energy industry. At Sunrun […]

Internet For Everyone!

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Charlize Theron, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Shakira, George Takei, Jimmy Wales and Bono have in common? They all believe that the internet and the ability to access it should […]

Combining Art and Sustainability

Last week in our blog post Solar In the United States Continues to Pick Up Speed, we mentioned how California generates over half of the United States’ solar energy. This week we found something else […]

The Energy Department and Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Green energy and eco-friendly solutions have been rapidly decreasing in cost of entry as technology behind them becomes more advanced. However, the barrier for entry when it comes to electric vehicles still remains rather high […]

Solar In the United States Continues to Pick Up Speed

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association’s recent Market Insight Report, the United States’ solar power capacity now exceeds 20 GW. In the first half of 2015, the US solar market grew 70%, with a […]

Everything is Bigger in Texas

As more and more business is being moved to the cloud, there is the increasing need for massive server farms where servers can be housed, maintained and cooled. As companies continue to look towards the […]

4 Benefits of Great Insulation

Here at Global Efficient Energy we pride ourselves on our relationships, not only with our clientele but also with our partners in our passion for clean, efficient energy. In our efforts to make the world […]

Can There Be Energy Efficiency in PC Gaming?

As processors become quicker and smaller, PC gaming has begun to advance in leaps and bounds. However, there is very little regard for energy efficiency in top tier gaming rigs. Instead these focus on maximizing […]

Energy and Batteries

In last week’s blog post Charge Your Car While Driving, we highlighted the challenge that clean/green energy faces when it comes to charge and energy storage.

Energy storage is a constant concern for energy solutions such […]

California Keeps Breaking Its Solar Records

Florida might have competition for the title of Sunshine State. Last week the sunny state of California achieved a new state record of electricity generation peak for utility-scale solar energy according to a recent grid […]

Data Sails The Open Sea

Necessity is the mother of invention.

As California continues its horrible five year drought, the need for innovation and efficiency are beginning to take center stage in order to allow things to operate. In light […]

Project Sunroof

It seems that Google, like so many other companies, is taking climate change and renewable energy extremely seriously. In fact, they are beginning a new venture called Project Sunroof that will utilize their many resources […]

Charge Your Car While Driving

One of the biggest issues with zero emissions and low emissions/electric vehicles is their limited range due to a need to charge. Currently, most electric cars have a range of around 200 miles on a […]

Green Energy Solutions Made Easier For Rural Areas

Often when we think of solar or efficient energy solutions, the urban and suburban household comes to mind. This has been the norm for many years as the efficiency of renewable energy was not up […]

German Oceanic Wind Farm

Here at Global Efficient Energy we are so much more than solar. We are a complete energy efficiency solution company and therefore appreciate any innovation and growth in the field of renewable and clean energy.

Which […]

Global Efficient Energy Makes The List!

Global Efficient Energy and CEO Abe Issa are thrilled to announce that Global Efficient Energy has placed 32nd on INC Magazines’ 34th annual Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies!


The Inc. 5000 list represents […]

3 Variables Considered For Solar Locations

The old adage, “make hay while the sun is shining” also holds true when it comes to solar energy, although in this case, it is energy and not hay that is being made. You might […]

Transparent Solar Cells Are On The Horizon

In August of last year research scientists at Michigan State University developed a fully transparent solar concentrator in an effort to make window and surface solar possible. This year they have begun making moves towards […]

IKEA Puts Their Roofs to Use

IKEA is no longer just about furniture with cartoons to illustrate assembly or meatballs of a somewhat questionable origin. Instead, they are starting to become synonymous with solar energy.

A little over a week ago IKEA […]

Light Up The Night With Salt Water

The Philippines will soon be able to light up the night and even power electronics with no more than a glass of salt water. The Salt Lamp was developed by Lipa Aisa Mijena, an engineer […]

Putting a Focus on Renewable Energy

Here at Global Efficient Energy we don’t take any sort of political stance, especially when it comes to presidential races that turn your Facebook feed into a nightmare of political articles. We like to emulate […]

Getting to Space on Microwaves

Here at Global Efficient Energy we not only love efficiency (it’s in our name after all) but also innovation! This is precisely why we are so excited for the work that is going on over […]

Science Saves the Bacon Day

There are few greater things in this world than the smell of freshly fried bacon.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of bacon and bacon flavored products. Epic Meal Time […]

Google May Have Just Started the AI Race

Last May we made a joke about Google creating Skynet in our blog post.

It turns out we might not have been that far off.

Recently Google announced that it is applying for six patents that focus […]

Solar Power Your Phone!

It’s a hot day, the sun is shining, and your iPhone is about to die because of all the Instagramming you did earlier of beautiful flowers. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could harness the […]

Finalize That Purchase With A Selfie

There is a good chance that soon you will be able to verify your identity for online purchases by taking a selfie.

Society in recent years has moved towards sharing everything on the internet. From foods […]

Touring London in an Electric Double Decker

Gone will be the days of touring London in the iconic red double decker bus, at least in the traditional sense of what is under the hood.

At the world’s first Clean Bus Summit […]

Abe Issa Awarded Two Stevie Awards!

In 2002 The American Business Awards created the Stevie Awards, an international award that would recognize excellence in various aspects of business, both for individuals and teams. Since its creation, the Stevie Award has become […]

10 Summertime Energy Saving Tips

The kids are out of school and the temperature is rising. Summer is officially here! Long days spent trying to beat the heat can lead to scorching energy bills so here are 10 tips to […]

Bill Gates Doubles Down on Renewable Energy

Last week Bill Gates announced that he would be doubling his investment in renewable energy technology initiatives. This brings his investment to a whopping 2 billion dollars.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest […]

Abe Issa with Marcus Lemonis at GrowCo Inc. Conference

Local Boy Making Good Inspires Others

At Global Efficient Energy we might sell clean energy solutions but that is not our main goal at heart. At the core, we were founded on the principal of making the world a better place.

Our […]

Even The White House is Going Green

The United States government is taking huge steps towards embracing and fostering green, renewable energy.

At the White House Clean Energy Investment Summit last week Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden remarked “I wouldn’t go long on […]

Solar Taxes Incentives Won’t Last For Long

As much as we would like to hope that the federal government would continue to offer tax incentives for the next 5 billion more years (the life expectancy of the sun) sadly at the end […]

As Solar Grows, So too Must The System

The Solar Energy Industries Association has reported that there are 600,000 solar systems currently in use in the United States. This number is projected to grow to over 3 millions in the next five years, […]

Charging over Wifi

Imagine a world where there were no longer power lines obscuring that lovely sunset, where you no longer had to find your phone charger at the end of the night. Imagine a world where power can […]

Solar Installation Becomes Easier for New Texas Homes

Going solar is about to get even easier for Texas residents.

In 2011, lawmakers took an initial step in solar energy legislation by passing a law that prevented homeowner associations from banning solar panel installations. […]

Diversification of Business

Everywhere you look you find that businesses are diversifying their product lines both horizontally and vertically in an effort to keep up with market trends. It ties back into the old mantra “evolve or die” […]

Top Tips for Barbequing This Summer

Initially, this was going to be a post about the top tips on how to do Texas style BBQ but for fear of getting any aspect wrong and receiving a flurry of emails, let’s stick […]

Emergency Internet in Disaster Areas

Google is one of those companies that does amazing things that nobody really seems to talk about. The general populace is prone to equate Google only with the search engine and maybe the failed Google […]

Sailing on Sunshine

We all know the amazing capacity for sunshine to power our homes, cars, and devices, but did you know that it also has the capacity to move you through space? Bill Nye does and he […]

Japanese Origami Principles in NASA Solar Panel Design

Ever fold a dollar bill into a star? Or create a swan from a dinner napkin? Chances are, you’ve seen examples of the Japanese paper-folding art, origami, but you probably wouldn’t have guessed it would […]

SolaRoad – Paving the Way to the Roads of the Future

Imagine that roads all over the world will supply power to homes, streetlights, traffic lights, and even the vehicles on the roads. With SolaRoad, this is possible.
This is the road of the future and the […]

4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Pests in Your Home

The summer months are upon us, which means that bugs, creepy crawlers and all sorts of pests are out to make your home their home. Here are 4 things you can do right now to […]

Is Desalination the Future?

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

With over 7 billion humans currently alive on Earth, water is beginning to become a growing concern. This concern is due to a combination of the sheer […]

Deceptive Solar Lease Practices Exposed!

Many of solar leasing customers have found themselves in what is essentially a “deal with the devil,” when they realize that the often multi-million dollar companies have placed a lien on their homes. What is often […]

3 Ways Foam Insulation Will Save You Money

How can foam insulation help save you money? Well the answer is simple: by preventing the outside from coming in and the inside from going out, which reduces your need for more power to make […]

See How Abe Issa is Changing Entrepreneurship at TCU

Mr. Issa is changing the world by educating customers about clean energy and environmental conservation with his company Global Efficient Energy. But now he’s tackling education at the source by converting 500,000 of his own […]

China Stepping Up with New Renweable Plan

China is the world’s largest developing country, polluter and green house gas emmiter but according to a new study the country is envisioning a new grid that is powered by 57% renewables in 2030 and […]

LEDs Lighting the Way for the Agricultural Industry of the Future

Cutting emissions is a constant struggle for the planet, especially when the food we rely on must be transported miles from where we find it neat and tidy in the grocery store. The emissions caused […]

The Story of Earth Day

Earth Day is the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began in the 1970s. Before ecological awareness the American people were ignorant of the consequences that came from pollution “industry belched out smoke and […]

Portable Restrooms Creating Electricity?

People tend to get squeamish about human waste, but what if it could create power? That’s just what the new project by the University of West England in Bristol and Oxfam is developing, a urinal […]

Abe Issa’s 3 Steps to Sales Success

One of the largest conferences for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs went on last weekend at INC’s yearly GrowCo event in Nashville. Amidst all the craziness Abe Issa, the founder and CEO of Global Effcient Energy had […]

Abe Issa, Jessica Alba, & Daymond John to Speak at GrowCo, Nashville

The slogan is “Grow Smarter” and naturally our CEO knows all about how to grow a successful company. Global Efficient Energy’s founder Abe Issa is set to speak at this year’s GrowCo event in Nashville, […]

Abe Issa to be Interviewed on Shreveport 107.1 OPEN LINE

Global Efficient Energy’s own Abe Issa will be interviewed by morning radio personality Tedd Dumas on OPEN LINE KWLA-FM Shreveport 107.1, Friday morning at 7:30 am! Tune into KZBL-Natchitoches, KWLV-Many, KVCL-Winnfield, KBDV-Leesville and KTHP-Hemphill to catch […]

Eiffel Tower Gets an Energy Efficient Makeover

The city of lights modernized their iconic stature this month as part of the Paris climate protection plan, in which all of Paris will become energy efficient. The mayor of Paris announced “our City has […]

What Everyone Should Know About U.S. Gas Prices

U.S. Oil prices have dropped to the lowest they have been since early 2009. High oil prices have affected more than just the commuter’s gas guzzling car, the high price of oil also affects airfare, […]

Jellyfish Numbers Increase as the Oceans are Overfished and Polluted

The protection of ecologically important species is always a hot topic, people wonder how anyone can harm baby polar bears, tigers and elephants when they are “protected.” The answer is usually points to the corruption […]

ELF: The Car/Bike Hybrid

No it’s not one of Santa’s little helpers, but the ELF may just help you reduce your carbon emissions and the amount of money you spend on things like gas and insurance, which may just […]

Big Coal Bailout? Guess Who’s Paying for it?

As Coal and Oil become less competitive sources of energy it comes as no surprise that Big Coal is trying to prolong its survival by forcing Ohio utility consumers to subsidize aging coal plants with […]

USDA Offering Farmers Aid to Install Clean Energy

The USDA announced that they will begin offering resources that would allow rural farmers and small business owners to buy and install renewable energy systems. This is an “enormous economic opportunity for rural America” according […]

Deepwater Wind Announces US Offshore Wind Project

It was announced Monday that the Deepwater Wind Block Island Wind Farm has been fully financed and is set for development off the coast of Rhode Island. The project is set to be up and […]

Why We Shouldn’t Underestimate Solar

Surprise! A New Study out of Germany reported that policy makers and energy planners are underestimating the cost potential of solar. Agora Energiewende predicts that solar PV will be the cheapest form of electricity within […]

Solar Roadways?

A video published by Solar Roadways has been making its way around the internet for the last few months making us all aware of the potentially life changing technology of roads that are completely comprised […]

Solar Makes Up 1 Out of Every 78 New Jobs

The strong solar emergence in red states is only one of the surprising and wonderful facts in the recent solar census report from The Solar Foundation. The most promising fact is that 1 in every […]

Demand Response for Reducing Peak Electricity Demands


The future of electricity in America is up for grabs for the first time since its invention. Last year the largest electric grid operator in the United States held an auction to determine how future […]

2015 Declared the Year of Soils by UN

The UN has declared 2015 the Year of Soils in order to increase awareness about the importance of soil as our most essential ecosystem. Although, advocating healthy soils on the planet haven’t been on the […]

Net Metering, Value of Solar, New Grid Platforms and You

Everything we know about electricity has and is changing. Solar has fundamentally shifted the power paradigm and utility lobbyists are running to catch up. While states like California and New York are working to create […]

The Future of Solar: Decorative Solar Panels


The future of solar may just be in interior decorative solar panels (OPV, organic photovoltaics) that could be placed on walls, window sills or even billboards. VTT Technical Center in Finland is currently developing and […]

Solar is BIG: World’s Largest Solar Plant Began Producing Today

On 5 square miles of federal land just outside the California-Nevada border you’ll find the Ivanpha Solar Electric Generating System, which starting today, is the world’s largest solar plant. It is made up of 300,000 […]

Shining Light on the Power of Solar… Finally!

Although Exxon would have you think otherwise, The American Petroleum Institute (API) is finally admitting in their State of American Energy Report, that the future expansion of today’s fast growing solar energy market warrants serious […]

“Fighting the Power:” the Struggle for Local Energy Continues

There has been a 100 year monopoly on the way Americans power their homes; in case you did already know. Pretty much ever since electricity has been available it has been a highly lucrative and […]

Why the US Navy Invested in Solar

So why is the US Navy is going solar? In short; long term price stability. Our constant critical budgetary environment makes projected spending and training difficult to navigate. When energy prices rise the Navy generally […]

How Solar Distillation Will Save the Future of Agriculture

Pnat, a little company in Firenze, Italy is making a big splash with their floating hydroponic garden called Jellyfish Barge. In response to the current and future problems that coastal cities are and will be […]

How Exxon Sees the World: COP20 Climate Talks

ExxonMobile economists have found through their scrupulous research that fossil fuels will continue to be the world’s unmatched fuels source in the coming decades. Apparently proposing new energy and fuel sources are an enormous waste […]

GEE’s Own Abe Spoke at TCU’s Neeley School of Business

On November, 5th Global Efficient Energy CEO Abe Issa spoke to the young entrepreneurs class at the Neeley Entrepreneurship center. He was asked to give advice and inspiration at a time when students are in […]

Why Power Companies Are Afraid of Solar

What is really scaring utility companies is rooftop solar and net metering (the laws that allow solar powered homes to sell their excess power back to the electricity grid). They stand to lose as much […]

Here’s a Quick way to Increase Lighting Efficiency

Since 2012, LED lighting efficiency has increased by 50% and it looks like we will finally be saying goodbye to the incandescent and florescent light bulbs of the past. As consumer costs plummet dozens of […]

On Oil and Elections

In Tuesday’s election, citizens in four localities of California, Texas, and Ohio voted to ban “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing and other unconventional gas and oil drilling practices. In Texas and California the bans could cause […]

The Way to Stop Climate Change May Surprise You

The most recent U.N. climate report cited teamwork as the most powerful tool for getting the Earth’s climate change under control. There has been significant push back from various leading nations (the US included) since […]

Solar and Renewable Energy Versus the True Cost of Coal

Dr. Paul Epstein, the Director of Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment, along with eleven other authorities in the environmental field have estimated the true impact of coal in the US.

The […]

What Everyone Should Know About Solar

It’s growing and fast. Solar system prices dropped by 20% in 2013 and will likely fall between 3 and 12 percent this year depending on the location. This is exciting information for anyone who wants a […]

Global Efficient Energy Founder Abe Issa Honored at Inc. NYC 35 Under 35

Global Efficient Energy is excited to announce that this week our founder Abe Issa attended Inc.’s 35 Under 35 award party in NYC. For nearly a decade Inc. has been celebrating the visionary achievements of […]

Three Things an Project Quote Can Tell You About Your Home

One of the most important things you can do to boost the efficiency of your home is to have a home project quote performed by a professional. Very few people realize how much energy they […]

Five Benefits of LED Lighting

More than likely you’ve heard about light emitting diode (LED) lighting versus traditional types of lighting. There are several reasons why there is such a push toward having LED lighting in all U.S. homes. It […]

Choosing the Right Glass Doors for Your Patio

You might not realize it, but glass doors really haven’t been in wide use for that long. They used to be so expensive that only the wealthy could afford them; but thanks to improved manufacturing techniques, now […]

Texas Utility Commits to Solar Energy, Aims to be Coal-Free in Two Years

El Paso Electric (EPE), a utility that serves almost 400,000 customers, recently announced that it plans to eliminate the use of coal by 2016. The utility plans to use a combination of natural gas and […]

Texas Solar Power Association Formed

With the formation of the Texas Solar Power Association (TSPA), founders hope to give a voice to the need for increased acceptance of the technology in the state. If successful, Texas will be able to […]

Choosing the Right Type of Insulation for Your Home

When it comes to insulation, the term “out of sight, out of mind” applies to a lot of homeowners. Because you don’t see your insulation on any kind of regular basis, it’s pretty easy to […]

Commonly Asked Solar Energy Questions

Investing in a solar energy system is obviously a big decision, and never one to be taken lightly. You want to do as much research as possible, and talk to as many people as possible, […]

Solar Panel Installation in Dallas, Texas

If you’ve been around Dallas for any length of time in the summer, you obviously know that it’s not only hot, but there’s an ample amount of sun far more often than not. That’s just […]

How Does Temperature Impact the Effectiveness of Solar Panels?

Solar panels are the workhorses of a solar energy system, and as such need to be durable enough to withstand often-brutal weather conditions . While the length and strength of sunlight is, of course, the main factor […]

Solar Energy Powering World Cup Matches

A large part of what fuels the World Cup is the passion of soccer fans all over the world. However, solar energy is playing a role as well in powering this global event. A Chinese […]

Changing the Air Filter – The Easiest AC Maintenance Job Possible

One of the most important jobs when it comes to air conditioner maintenance – changing the air filter – is also the easiest. This extremely vital part of your heating and cooling system takes only […]

Why Do Solar Panels Wear Out?

Solar panels are extremely durable, designed to last at 20-25 years at the very least. During that time they are also designed to retain at least 80 percent of their original output – in fact, […]

What is the Ideal Indoor Humidity Level?

There’s no mistaking it when your indoor humidity level is off. It will feel stuffy if it is too high and your skin will be flaking if it is too low. If your indoor air […]

How to Choose an Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioner

For those looking to help the environment while saving money in the long run, there’s a “best of both worlds” solution. If the time has come for you to get a new cooling system, there […]

How to Tell When You Need New Ductwork

In a way, ductwork is to your HVAC system as your circulatory system is to your body. If your ducts are faulty, then your heating and cooling system will not be nearly as efficient; just […]

Solar Power Gaining Momentum in Texas

A June 5 article in the Dallas Morning News validates what many solar power advocates have wanted for years. According to the article, solar energy has established its strongest foothold yet in Texas – despite […]

Global Efficient Energy CEO Featured in Forbes Magazine

Global Efficient Energy is proud to announce that CEO Abe Issa was featured in the May 20 issue of Forbes Magazine. The article centered on solar energy, examining the circumstances where going solar is the best […]

Sweeping Plan to Reduce Carbon Pollution Announced

In an article published on June 2, the New York Times reported that the Obama administration is taking action on carbon pollution. The administration is acting to cut pollution emitted from the nation’s power plants by 30 […]

Questions to Ask Your Solar Panel Contractor

Whether you lease or purchase your solar power system, you’re obviously going to commit a great deal of money over the next several years. That’s why it’s so critical that you make sure your solar […]

Caring for Solar Panels Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

If you are considering an investment in solar energy you’ll obviously have a lot of questions. One of the most common ones we receive at Global Efficient Energy is in regard to caring for solar panels. Just […]

Signs You Need a Whole Home Humidifier

There is more to being comfortable in your home than having a reliable heating and cooling system. You also want to make sure that your house has the correct level of humidity as well. If […]

Factors that Affect Your Air Conditioner Lifespan

If you’ve had your cooling system for several years, you might be wondering whether or not you should start thinking about getting a new one. While the average air conditioner lifespan is around 15 years, […]

Does a Solar Power System Make Sense for You?

There are many advantages to having a solar power system installed in your home. After all, you’ll not only be reducing your energy costs substantially, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and be doing your part in […]

What Happens When a Solar Power System Doesn’t Have Sunlight?

One of the most common questions we receive when someone is interested in having a solar power system installed is, “What happens on cloudy days and at night?” They’re concerned that if they have a […]

Factors that Affect Solar Reliability

The value of your solar power system is largely based on whether or not its panels can perform in a way that delivers return on your investment. In order to get the maximum benefit from […]

How to Tell if it’s Time for Replacement Windows

One thing that just about everyone is interested in is increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. After all, the more efficient your home, the less energy you’ll be wasting – and that translates to […]

Choose a Programmable Thermostat to Save Money and Energy

Even if your air conditioner is still providing reliable performance after all these years, there’s a very good chance it’s costing more money than it should. You may not be wasting money on repairs, but rather […]

Determining if it’s Time for a New Air Conditioner

It’s not at all uncommon for a cooling system to last 15 or 20 years. Some models can last even longer. But if you’re growing more and more concerned that “old faithful” is on its […]

Signs You Need A Breaker Panel Upgrade

It is very likely that your electrical service panel is inadequate if your home was built before 1990. Because modern technology requires a great deal more power, you may be a good candidate for a […]

5 Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a great alternative to traditional doors for several reasons. Not only do they increase the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling systems, they are also durable. Global Efficient Energy has a full […]

EPA Ranks Dallas No. 7 in Energy Efficient Buildings

A lot of businesses in Dallas are embracing the benefits of energy efficiency, and the city has received some notoriety from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a result. The Dallas Morning News reported on April 10 […]

A Closer Look at Solar Power System Financing

Many people may want to power their homes and businesses with solar energy, but they don’t really consider doing so because they don’t think they’ll ever be able to afford it. However, you may be […]

An Explanation of SEER and Why You Should Care

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you’ve probably started doing a little homework in order to determine the right type of system for your needs. More than likely, you’ve run across […]

Rebates for Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Replacement

If your air conditioner has served you faithfully for 10, 15 or even 20 years or more, then you may not want to think about replacing it. After all, if it isn’t giving you problems, […]

A Brief History of Solar Power

A lot of people assume that solar power hasn’t really been around that long. Many of them think systems were first created in the 1970s as a reaction to the global energy crisis. However, the history of […]

A Small Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak Can be a Big Problem

If your cooling system isn’t working like it should, one of the reasons could be that the system is low on refrigerant. If you have an air conditioner refrigerant leak of any kind, that could […]

How You Can Reduce Wear and Tear on Your AC Unit

It’s just a matter of time before the weather in North Texas once becomes brutally hot, and your AC unit will be working extremely hard to keep you and your family comfortable. While Global Efficient Energy recommends […]

Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Cooling Season

While you may think it’s a little too early to start thinking about summer since we’re just now getting into spring, it’s really the perfect time to start planning for when the temperatures are once […]

How You Can Benefit From Net Metering

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a solar power system is the ability to take advantage of net metering. You can not only have free power, but also power that helps the environment. When it’s […]

Home Project Quotes: What You May Not Know

You may have heard a little bit about home project quotes, and how they can help you identify areas in your home where inefficiencies may be occurring that could be costing you a great deal of […]

NT Window Earns “Most Efficient” Mark from ENERGY STAR®

If you’re looking for energy efficient windows, you don’t need to look any further than NT Window, which we proudly carry at Global Efficient Energy. The company recently earned the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient mark, which […]

How a Professional Can Help With Your Energy Conservation Efforts

If you are tired of seeing your monthly utility bills continue to climb but you don’t know what to do about it, the time is now to call an expert to show you different methods of energy […]

Is Your Home a Candidate for Electrical Rewiring?

The older a house gets, the more its electrical wiring can become worn. This can lead to a hazardous situation where the risk of electrocution or fire is greatly increased. What is even more dangerous […]

5 Tips to Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

While we still have quite a few weeks before the weather gets warm enough to run your air conditioner on a regular basis, you probably remember how you felt last summer as your energy bills just […]

Reasons to Consider Energy-Efficient French Doors

Many people don’t give their doors a second thought; when they do, they focus more on aesthetics than anything else. However, your doors can have a great effect on the amount of unwanted air that […]

How Solar Panels Can Increase Your Home’s Value

While there are a lot of renovations that can add value to your home, you may not have thought about the addition of solar panels being one of them. However, converting your home to solar energy will […]

What to Expect During Your Solar Power System Installation

If you are having a solar power system installation performed for your home or business, first of all, congratulations. You’re making an investment that will not only deliver reliable power and substantial long-term cost savings, you’re also […]

Frequently Asked Questions on Solar Power Systems

At Global Efficient Energy we field a lot of questions from people who are thinking of taking the plunge and investing in solar power systems. We want you to be as comfortable and well informed as […]

How Solar Power Could Help Texas’ Electricity Grid

While most people more closely associate wind power as Texas’ main source of renewable energy, solar power continues to gain more traction. Wind farms in West Texas produce an impressive amount of electricity, but there are times […]

How Does a Radiant Barrier Work?

While you might not be thinking of scorching summer temperatures while we’re still in winter the fact is they will come, like it or not. Why not fight the heat by having a radiant barrier […]

Solar Power Inverters 101

If you have researched  solar energy you no doubt have run across the term “solar power inverters.” A solar power inverter is a key component of any solar power system. It is the “magic box” which converts electricity generated by […]

Solar Power Innovations Continue at a Dizzying Pace

When most people think about solar power, they naturally associate the term with a means of generating electricity without having to rely on the local utility grid. However, solar innovations go far beyond that of residential and […]

How to Select Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

When it comes to choosing energy efficient windows you have a lot of options. In fact, you have so many choices  you may find it confusing. Some people even find it intimidating, but making your […]

The Benefits of Choosing Trane for Your Air Conditioner Replacement

When the weather turns hot again in North Texas, you’re obviously going to need to stay cool and comfortable indoors. While many cooling systems can last  15 or 20 years or more, but the time will […]

Infographic: Winter Energy Saving Tips

It’s never too late to start preparing your house for winter. You can lower your energy bills and still keep your family warm all winter with some of these energy saving tips. If you don’t […]

Investing in Commercial Solar Panels is Just Good Business

The majority of businesses can benefit from commercial solar panels. Businesses are always interested in the cost savings, but may not have considered how environmentally friendly solar power can be as well.  Solar power systems make good financial sense […]

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Solar Power

Solar power can be a powerful way of generating electricity in your home. It can lead to substantial cost savings over time and help reduce a great deal of greenhouse gas emissions that endanger the […]

The Advantages of a Solar Power System

Investing in a solar power system is a big decision. You want to be as well informed as possible and weigh all your options before committing to Solar energy. At Global Efficient Energy we think it […]

Infographic: Interesting Home Improvement Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill

Saving on utility bills is a great way to ring in the New Year. Would you believe that 60% of your annual energy bill is comprised of water heating and cooling costs? Besides installing energy […]

What Type of Solar Panel is Best for You?

One of the most important components of any type of solar power installation is the type of solar panel you choose for your home. There are two main types of panels (monocrystalline and polycrystalline) with […]

Is LED Lighting Installation Worth It?

You may be looking at new ways to make your home more efficient other than the obvious ways of doing so, such as having a home project quote, getting energy-efficient windows and looking at a new heating and […]

Why You Should Consider Geothermal Heating and Cooling

You probably don’t give a lot of thought about how your home is cooled and heated. You set your thermostat, you get more comfortable, and that’s about it, but if you’ve never considered geothermal heating and […]

Infographic: Energy Efficient Homes Get Funded by HERO

If you’ve been wanting to increase your home’s energy efficiency and start earning tax credits, but have lacked the funding to get the ball rolling wait no more. The professionals with Global Efficient Energy would like to […]

Electrical Rewiring Can Make You Safer and Put More Money in the Bank

Most people associate electrical rewiring with safety. After all, if your home’s electrical system shows signs of wear that can pose a risk of not only fire but also electric shock. No matter how new […]

Go for Energy Efficiency When it Comes to Door Replacement

While your doors are the gateways to your home, they can also be escape routes for air that can help make your energy bills skyrocket each month. If you are spending more and more on […]

When the Sun Gets Cooking Again, You’ll Want a Radiant Barrier

While you’re probably thinking of cold weather and buying presents more than 100-degree days this time of year. If you’ve lived in Texas any length of time you know those days will be back. When they […]

Infographic: How is the Texas Air Plan Improving Air Quality in Houston?

Houston, under a Texas air quality plan, successfully turned the tide by improving the air quality which has been confirmed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The infographic below covers the ongoing project with information about […]

Benefits of Energy Efficient Insulation

The proper amount of insulation is important if your home is to be as energy-efficient as possible. However, it’s just important to have the right type of insulation for your home as well. You basically have three […]

Quit Letting Money Fly Out of Your Windows – Air Seal Your Ducts

No matter what age your home may be, there is a very good chance  there are areas where air is escaping. These could be cracks around your doors or windows or areas of your ductwork […]

Why Would I Want a Blower Door Test?

A blower door what? Yes, a blower door test. You may think the name is odd, but it can be an excellent way of helping you save big money on your energy bills. At Global Efficient […]

Get Your Energy Tax Credits Now Before They Expire

The year will be over before you know it, and with it your chance to earn some substantial energy tax credits. If you’ve been thinking of making some energy efficiency upgrades to your home, the […]

Why Energy Conservation Isn’t Just for “Tree-Huggers”

Some people among us still think people who practice energy conservation frolic barefoot through the forest and only eat granola and wheat germ. The truth is more and more people are watching the way they […]

Signs Your Attic Insulation is Insufficient

One of the best defenses your home has against the elements is proper attic insulation. Having the right amount, or making sure what’s there is in good shape, will help lower your heating and cooling […]

Infographic: Two Energy Efficient Cities

At one point in time, Dallas and Houston were two cities notorious for consuming large amounts of energy, therefore not as energy efficient as they could be. Now, Dallas has upgraded 248 buildings with energy […]

Infographic: How Favorable is an Energy Efficient House

It might not be hard to believe that newly built houses are more energy efficient than older houses and earn more energy tax credits. What’s even more interesting is the energy usage decrease per home […]

Save Energy and Money with Solar Panel Installation

It seems we hear the phrase “energy efficiency” more and more. This is probably because it has become an important component in the preservation of our environment and the sustainability of our lifestyles. In order to […]

What’s So Great About Going Green, Anyway?

When you make the decision to improve the energy efficiency of your home you’re not only benefitting the environment, you may also be able to reap some financial benefits as well. Going green can help […]

The Benefits of a Home Project Quote

A home project quote is a process in which an expert energy consultant evaluates the energy efficiency of your home and offers suggestions for areas to improve. Getting an assessment with a trusted and professional […]

Knowing When to Get Air Duct Cleaning Done

There are many benefits that come from air duct cleaning. At Global Efficient Energy we recommend  homeowners get their air ducts professionally cleaned to increase the efficiency of their HVAC unit (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) […]

Why You Should Install Energy Efficient Windows

Are you looking for a way to save money on your utility bills? What about a way to prevent the fabric on your furniture from fading? At Global Efficient Energy we recommend having energy efficient […]

When to Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning for Your Home

Regular air duct cleaning is one of the most reliable ways to keep the air in your home free of dust and particles. Maintaining good air quality in your home is one reason to schedule […]

Common Misconceptions About Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Like any home improvement project, replacing your old windows with energy efficient windows represents a significant commitment and investment.  Many homeowners have considered upgrading but had doubts about whether it would be worthwhile.  If you […]

How You Can Turn a Home Project Quote into Money in Your Pocket

If you are looking for easy fixes to save money around your house, consider finding a company that can do a home project quote in Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston. An assessment will identify areas […]

Solar is BIG: World’s Largest Solar Plant Began Producing Today

On 5 square miles of federal land just outside the California-Nevada border you’ll find the Ivanpha Solar Electric Generating System, which starting today, is the world’s largest solar plant. It is made up of 300,000 […]

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