Why the US Navy Invested in Solar

December 30th, 2014|

So why is the US Navy is going solar? In short; long term price stability. Our constant critical budgetary environment makes projected spending and training difficult to navigate. When energy prices rise the Navy generally lowers spending on things like training and readiness.The price of renewable energy, unlike oil and fossil fuels, is not variable. […]

How Exxon Sees the World: COP20 Climate Talks

December 10th, 2014|

ExxonMobile economists have found through their scrupulous research that fossil fuels will continue to be the world’s unmatched fuels source in the coming decades. Apparently proposing new energy and fuel sources are an enormous waste of time, as so is trying to save the climate. Their Outlook for Energy, which Exxon has published since 2005, […]

On Oil and Elections

November 5th, 2014|

In Tuesday’s election, citizens in four localities of California, Texas, and Ohio voted to ban “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing and other unconventional gas and oil drilling practices. In Texas and California the bans could cause ripples in nearby counties for the state governments that support development and locals that are skeptical of drilling in their

Oil […]