San Antonio, Texas

When we “Remember the Alamo” we have to remember the group of almost 200 Texan volunteer soldiers that fought off an army of thousands for 13 days before they were eventually overpowered by the Mexican soldiers. We must also remember James Bowie and William Travis. But perhaps most of all we remember Davy Crockett: legendary American folk hero, “King of the Wild Frontier,” and poignant participant in the Battle of the Alamo. The Alamo has since become a national symbol for heroic resistance against oppression and in the struggle for freedom. San Antonio was named after Saint Anthony of Padua in 1691 when it was founded by Spanish colonials exploring the area. Today, San Antonio is renowned for its beautiful Spanish missions, 18th century buildings, the River Walk, and its delicious chili (San Antonio’s signature dish). Its history, demographic and current growth rate makes San Antonio one of the most historically rich and colorful cities in the US.

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